Klaus’s Kolsch

5.3% ABV 22 IBU

A classic German Kolsch that is crisp, light, and refreshing. Perfect for a hot summer day.



Prima Mexicana

5.6% ABV 26 IBU

A Vienna Lager with lightly roasted barley, flaked corn, and agave nectar for a smooth, full flavor that is easy drinking.



Sour Shakedown Party with Blackberry

4.6% ABV 26 IBU

Sour Shakedown Party is our house kettle sour where each batch highlights a different fruit. The base sour features a tart backbone with fruity hops to compliment. For this batch we added a ton of blackberries!


Basil Saison

5.7% ABV 31 IBU

A classic saison with fresh basil added to accent the sweet and peppery notes of the saison yeast with a hint of mint flavor.



Colorado Hipster Beer

6.3% ABV  18 IBU

A brut IPA with strawberry puree added to bring out the Barbe Rouge hop’s berry flavor. Brewed in collaboration with local bluegrass band Wood Belly. $1 from every pint goes to support Take Note Colorado, a charity putting musical instruments in the hands of kids. You can catch Wood Belly at Swallow Hill in Denver on November 2nd.



6.3% ABV 50 IBU

A single-hopped IPA featuring Mosaic hops. Pineapple and mango flavors dominate this juicy beer.



6.7% ABV  65 IBU

A well rounded IPA with the perfect blend of citrus, pine, and bitterness


Headspin Double IPA

8.1% ABV 85 IBU

Originally brewed with The Jauntee, this juicy double IPA takes its influence from the band’s New England roots. Orange and mango flavors are complimented by a soft mouthfeel.


St. Alphonso

7.6% ABV 21 IBU

A traditional Belgian- style Dubbel brewed with our neighbor Don. Sweet Belgian candied sugar and honey notes are complimented by banana esters from the trappist yeast.



6.0% ABV 34 IBU

A soft creamy porter with a slight roasted malt backbone and full flavor.



8.8% ABV 34 IBU

We took our Portwe Porter and added a pound of coffee per barrel. The coffee came from local roasters Ampersand.




Happy Hour: Weekdays 3:00pm- 5:00pm

($1.00 off all pints, excluding band collaboration beers)


Other items

Ginger Beer

A non-alcoholic ginger beer made in house with lemon zest and fresh ginger.


Schnibs Pretzels

Salty, crunchy, delicious pretzel pieces


Chips and Snack Bags

An assortment of chips and Nabisco snacks.





Unisex T-Shirt (Black)

Women’s V-neck

Icculus shirts           

Tie Dye shirts

Headspin shirts                                                     

Zip Up Hoodie                                                                      


Empty Growler (64 oz)                                                                      

Empty Squealer (32 oz)                                                              

Pint Glass                                                                            

10oz Tulip                                                                              

5oz Taster                                                                              










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